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NALSAR, Hyderabad

CLATutor.com  has the best structured material for CLAT, AILET and other law school entrance exams. The online tests are very helpful and follow the same pattern as the exams. The review and analysis post mocks is extensive thus helpful in identifying areas of personal strength and weakness. The classroom teaching is also very standardized. The faculty is responsive and helpful. In all, it is a complete package that serves the best to deal with law entrance exams. The material is highly comprehensive and detailed. CLATutor.com constantly updates its practice papers and mock tests thus reducing the need to look into other sources.

CLAT Rank: 99      Score: 113.5

AILET Rank: 99     Score: 102


Ashwin Murthy

NALSAR, Hyderabad

I wrote CLAT 2015 and managed to obtain rank 59. Like many others I had to balance a hectic schedule of school, board exams and CLAT, a juggling act doomed to fail without perseverance and most importantly smart studying and planning. I never put in 20 hour study days, I was lucky if I managed to do a 10 hour day of work but in the time I did study I made sure that it was efficient studying, where I quickly analyzed my weak points and worked at it pointedly till it was mastered. I also focused on getting as much practice as possible, doing mock tests and sample questions before the final CLAT paper. When the CLAT paper came, I managed to stay calm enough to attempt the paper, having enough time to spare to check my answers and choose the right options. Getting into one of the best law colleges in India has shown me just how important the test was and how beneficial it is to me to have done well in the paper.


Chandini Raj

NALSAR, Hyderabad

I’m currently in my 3rd year at NALSAR University of Law and I owe my overwhelming experience to CLATutor.com  Not just for the great, reliable materials and perfect training, but also for gearing up and encouraging students to take up law. Law remains one of the most unexplored fields of education and career in our country, where the focus is mostly on engineering and medicine. I’m thankful to the sensitization team of CLATutor.com to show me how interesting law, as a career path would be and further to the training and materials team of CLATutor.com for fine-tuning my educational needs to crack the exam and get into one of the most prestigious institutions in our country.


Yogini Oke

NUJS, Kolkata

I attended a crash course of 1 month at the CLATutor.com managed by Pranab Sir. My experience there was brilliant with really good faculty, including people from NLSIU coming and teaching us. It definitely had a role to play in me getting an admission at NUJS.


Vivek Sridhar

NLU, Odisha

I am very happy with the study materials and classroom coaching provided by CLATutor.com, it has been instrumental in my CLAT preparation, I would like to specially thank Pranab Sir for his support and his guidance in counselling me during the preparation period.”


Anand Amit

NUALS, Kochi

I am very happy and fortunate to have a mentor like Pranab Sir and Neeraj Sir who not only guided me to clear CLAT but also motivated me through out the preparation and helped me achieve my goal. Sir i’ll always be indebted to Pranab Sir and Neeraj Sir for your help and constant support in my journey towards achieving my goal. Thanks a ton sir.


Purushotham R Kittane

Dr . RMLNLU, Lucknow

I was fortunate enough to get enrolled in the right place with genuinely caring tutors. The teaching was very lucid and fructiferous. Individual attention given when needed helped a lot. I’m grateful for the expert academic support provided at CLATutor.com  including books, online support and the all-important mocks which were aptly made. Being a student who is attempting a foray into the field of law while coming from an unfamiliar academic background, the coaching I got at CLATutor.com went a long way in finding my place in one of the country’s best Law Schools.


Pavan Srinivas

NLSIU, Bangalore

Master Oogway in Kung fu Panda said that “One often meets his destiny in the road he takes to avoid it”. If you want your destiny to be NLS then, irrelevant quote aside, CLATutor.com  is the asphalt on the smoothest road that leads to it. Without the material and rigor that CLATutor.com provides, it is incredibly difficult to have enough practice to “crack the CLAT”. The constant bombardment of mock tests and guidance of teachers who have been in the same position as you are serves to reassure every student here that the dream is achievable. You don’t have to be a genius, you don’t have to be a mugpot; you just have to work hard and work smart. The faculty is available to clear doubts at any working hour of the day. Each teacher often spends time after every class to provide individual attention to students who seek it. For that, Hat’s Off!


Rachna Chhabria

NLSIU, Bangalore

When I decided to write CLAT, there wasn’t an iota of doubt that CLATutor.com would be the right place for my CLAT coaching. Having gotten a seat in NLS Bangalore, the best law school in the country, my faith in the institution has only been reaffirmed. The structured and resourceful modules, neatly categorized as per subjects tested on, played an integral role in providing insight and clarity into the concepts tested on. The affable and ever helpful faculty, largely consisting of senior students from NLS and thus having cracked CLAT themselves, were at a good position to teach from their own experiences. It is CLATutor.com that gave me an edge above the rest!


Surya Vasisht

NUJS, Kolkata

CLATutor.com provides one of the best mocks which are very well structured.Also the modules they provide are the finest material and was an integral part of the CLAT Preparation. I also would like to thanks for excellent mentoring in CLATutor.com Malleshwaram especially by Pranab Sir.


Mrinali Komandur

NLSIU, Bangalore

CLATutor.com was an extremely enriching experience. I joined the two year program but I found the one year program equally as effective. The mocks and the material provided by CLATutor.com helped me immensely. The ranks that are released after the mocks are a realistic estimate of your performance in the actual exam. The faculty were extremely patient with me and helped me work on my weaknesses and capitalize on my strengths. They kept me motivated through my preparation. The online test  is a great database for potential questions and practice. I owe a great part of my success to the mocks and material provided to me.


Srikrishna Upadhaya

NUJS, Kolkata

I choose CLATutor.com as my coaching institution for the reputation and goodwill it holds among the students who benefited from it and currently study in elite law schools. I opted for a two year classroom programme. The classes were immensely engaging, informative and fun. The faculty mostly comprised of students from NLSIU Bangalore who not only prepared us for cracking CLAT but also modelled us for life ahead in law schools. I will be ever grateful for the tricks and tips I learnt in preparing for General Knowledge, a section in CLAT most of us dread. The online portal service offered by CLATutor.com which included regular pan-India mock tests and thousands of exercises ensured that I did not have to look beyond this source during my preparation. I would definitely suggest CLATutor.com for all the CLAT aspirants as it played a major role in my success in the entrance exam.


Krishna Mohan

NALSAR, Hyderabad

I would like to convey my sincere gratitude to Pranab sir and to the entire team at Clatutor.com, this would not have been possible without your guidance and constant encouragement. The classes here are a top notch option for any student seeking individual attention and knowledgeable teachers. The quality of coaching is outstanding and the classes were not just academically stimulating but also fun and interactive. The teachers went out of their way to help us understand fundamental concepts and clear our doubts. The notes and material are comprehensive and focus on the core knowledge required to crack CLAT and were not only helpful but also relevant. The online support and the rigorous mock exams helped me appraise my weaknesses while getting extensive practice for the D-Day. My experience here has been truly enriching and I believe with conviction that Clatutor.com will enable students to have a bull’s-eye shot at the top NLU’s.

Thank you for everything.