Our journey of Imparting Education began in 1999 with tuition for specially abled students, and students who couldn’t afford tuition fee for competitive exams preparation.
Next five to seven years we worked in different education based companies in different cities of India and learned the nitty-gritty of education field, simultaneously dreaming of doing something independent in the future.

Dec 2007 we decided to start our own education venture named Savant Education Services which later on was rechristened to MindTree Education in 2015. We have run CLATutor for live classroom learning for all law entrance in India and abroad. Since 2007 we have always had education and students at our center. One of the highlight of our institution is that it is run by all faculties. We always thought our only way to be present in market is with purity of imparting education.
After the pandemic, we started seeing changes in the technology of classroom learning, so we started working towards it with a bit of success with citebit.com to take care of online learning for all different exams. We also provide our students with live classes, which we record for their later use.

That a journey which started inadvertently has taken us so far feels exhilarating, we feel blessed. We will continue to teach with the same passion in the future as we have in the past.

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